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Future Learn

I have been taking a fiction writing course from Future Learn. This website offers free courses in writing, business, history, etc. The have 40 different partners from all over the world, including leading universities and institutions, such as the British Museum.

One of the assignments was: Write a paragraph (50 to 100 words) containing one fact and three fictitious elements. Then try the reverse – write a paragraph containing three facts and one fictitious element.

This was my entry:

1 Fact 3 Fiction

Her husband was having an affair with her cousin. She understood why. They have not had a child in their 15 years of marriage. She desired so much to have a child, and to keep her marriage together.

She went to the Church the next day. She knelt at the entrance doors and prayed. She walked with her knees until she reached the altar. That was the prayer, the sacrifice, for fertility, for a child, for a husband who could not wait.

She performed the ritual everyday, but it did not work.

3 Facts 1 Fiction

“You there!” A strange man said and pointed towards me.


“Yes you!” He exclaimed. The strange man skipped to the bench I sat on.

“I’m the Rooster Man, nice to meet you,” he said.

He dressed as if he was a part of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. He wore a necklace with a rooster pendant, which he showed to me. It was gold. It was probably not real gold. It was a big pendant, not something I would wear, but it definitely symbolized the Rooster Man. It was the center of his being, but why a rooster?

Can you tell which elements are fact and which are fiction? I’ll let you guys know in my next entry!

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Smudgy Notes is created by Denise, a left-handed, twenty-something, writer and artist. She spends her free time jotting down her imaginations on paper or in Google Drive, drawing, and playing video games (or watching others play video games). Why is this entry in a third person point of view? Because it makes things more interesting and that's how she likes life to be (not in a third person point of view, but interesting).

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