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Characters and Fashion

When I create characters for my story, I use fashion as a way to describe their personalities. Fashion is a choice people make. The choices people make reveal their personalities. However, fashion may not show all there is to someone’s personality as sometimes it can also be a way for people change the perception of others towards them.

I realized in my previous chapters of the Lighting Hour that I forgot to describe any sort of clothing for Blake or Madame Agathe. Since there is not much time for me to edit the previous chapters, I will add more details to their clothing in the next ones.

If you need some inspiration or ideas for fashion, you can find some in pinterest or even through watching YouTube make-up and fashion gurus. My personal favourite is Ingrid. Her channel is called MissglamorazziShe had a fun personality and she shows it through her colorful clothing and make-up. Even when she dresses more formally, she adds colour through her accessories and shoes.

How do you use fashion to describe your characters? Comment below!

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Smudgy Notes is created by Denise, a left-handed, twenty-something, writer and artist. She spends her free time jotting down her imaginations on paper or in Google Drive, drawing, and playing video games (or watching others play video games). Why is this entry in a third person point of view? Because it makes things more interesting and that's how she likes life to be (not in a third person point of view, but interesting).

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