Year: 2016

My Art Journey: How I found a way to pursue my passion in arts

For those who are in similar positions as I am, currently unable to go to art school due to the lack of finances, time, and/or the need to priorities responsibilities, I have found a possible alternative to still be able to pursue your passion for arts (or any passion for that matter) and that is to take individual online courses. I will first talk a little bit about my background in order for you to understand why I have chosen to take online courses instead of going to university, then I will talk about what I am doing to pursue my passion, as well as the courses I am taking. This is going to be a series about the courses I am taking and how much improvement I have gained from them. My Background: I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Global Business Management and I currently work full-time as a paralegal. I have been taking continuing studies since graduating university: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design                Introduction to Digital Photography Introduction to Adobe …

Artwork: Rothe Zarganduin

This is a drawing of my character in FFXIV whom I named Rothe Zarganduin. My character isn’t wearing that kind of outfit though. His outfit was inspired by the gear I’ve seen while playing Fall Out 4 (which is also a really fun game!). I drew this using a 13HD Cintiq Wacom Tablet, which I purchased few weeks ago as a Christmas gift to myself. So far I really like it. I’ve had difficulty with digital drawings when I used tablets that did not have a screen. I somehow couldn’t get used to it, but with this tablet, it feels almost like drawing on paper. I wish I could have gotten the 27 inch tablet, but it’s expensive and I don’t have the space. I’m excited with all the different drawings and paintings I could do with this! If you’d like more information about the tablet I got, here’s a link: